After 11 years of collaboration toward a healthier Willamette through the Willamette River Initiative, partners throughout the Willamette Basin have launched a new network to support long-term progress toward healthy rivers and thriving communities.
A new era for the Willamette River health movement
Why this approach?

A healthy Willamette River system is crucial to the Oregon way of life. But our river needs stewardship to continue providing for Oregonians into the future.

With continued investment in a collaborative vision for a healthy Willamette River system, we can tackle the problems of the present while rising to meet new challenges.

River stories

What does it take to restore a river? Learn more about the people behind this work, the landscapes they've touched and the passion they bring to this river movement.

A blueprint for the future

After 10 years of collaboration toward a healthier Willamette, we're laying the groundwork for a new network to support long-term progress in our river basin. Meet the Willamette River Network.

The latest from WRI
river rocks and trees
Join Our Team!

The Director of Resource Development and Policy Coordination will provide a bold vision for resource development, fundraise to bring new resources into the Willamette Basin and will have an understanding of the policy opportunities in Oregon and connections to people and partners throughout the Basin.

Along with a passion for river health, applicants should have a commitment to equity and inclusion, a talent for relationship building and systems thinking and a knack for uniting people for a common cause.

Applications are due April 28th.

Tana Atchley Culbertson
Welcoming a new Network director

Tana Atchley Culbertson, Director of Network Coordination, will help guide the Network’s vision for regional collaboration toward healthy rivers and thriving communities.

Portland Harbor Community Coalition
Envisioning a healthy river for all

We envision a river health movement that is effective and relevant to all the Willamette Basin’s diverse communities, and where the benefits and impacts of river health are shared equitably among all.

Participants in the Why the Willamette video.
Video: Why the Willamette

Many of us have a story about why the Willamette is special to us. Watch four members of the Willamette community share theirs on-camera, then contact us to share your own reasons why.